• Mary-Brian Clarke's death shocked the world
  • Jeremy Ruehlemann's girlfriend died at the age of 24
  • Now her sister is mourning on Instagram

The mourning for Mary-Brian Clarke is still great. The girlfriend of the recently deceased model Jeremy Ruehlemann has also died aged just 24. Now Mary-Brian's sister Abby speaks up with a moving post. Now Mary-Brian's sister Abby speaks up with a moving post. 

Mary-Brian Clarke's sister brings tears to our eyes

"LOU. You’re the love of my life. A true light. My sister, my best friend, my family. I still can’t believe I’m sitting here writing a goodbye letter to you. There will never be the right words nor enough words to describe the person you were and what you meant to me," she captions a series of pictures with her sister.

Also interesting:

The photos show intimate moments of the two siblings and how close they were. "Before age 13 you were my baby. The tiny human I brought absolutely everywhere [...]"

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