• Kylie Jenner announced her son's name on Instagram
  • The baby boy was born in February 2022
  • She previously said the name was Wolf, but it's actually...

The wait is apparently over! Kylie Jenner has revealed the name of her son.

In February 2022, the reality TV star and rapper Travis Scott welcomed their second child into the world. As for the baby name, the parents were still undecided at the time.

They initially said his name was Wolf, but they later took it back. The name Kylie chose instead remained a secret...

Kylie Jenner shares the baby name – for real this time

Until now! Almost a year after the birth, Kylie Jenner posted a photoshoot of her son on Instagram. "AIRE" is her caption for the pictures, which she decorated with a heart.

Also interesting:

Her fans showed their enthusiasm in the comments: "It's perfect" and "I like the name," Kylie's followers responded.

So, baby Aire! We are curious to see if the name sticks this time or if Kylie changes her mind again...

See pictures and more in the video above!