• Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have a newborn son
  • Jenner and Scott shared his name last month
  • Jenner announces their son's name change

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott welcomed their son into the world last month, but they've already changed their mind about his name! On Monday, Jenner made a post on her Instagram Story stating why they aren't going to call him by the name they originally chose. 

Jenner says son's name "didn't feel like it was him"

Jenner announced the birth of her son on social media and shared he was born on February 22. She and Scott already share 4-year-old daughter Stormi, and it seems as though they intend to continue the unique name trend! Earlier this month, Jenner finally shared their newborn son's name, revealing that they called him Wolf Webster.

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However, Jenner and Scott appear to have had second thoughts about the name. In Jenner's recent Instagram Story, she announced they are no longer calling her son Wolf, explaining that they "just really didn't feel like it was him." She said since the name seems to be "everywhere" after it was announced, she wanted to notify people of the change.

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Jenner didn't share what she and Scott have decided to call their son instead of Wolf. Maybe they will try another unconventional baby name, or opt for something more traditional. Once the couple does reveal the new name for their newborn though, there's no doubt that it will make headlines!