If you love Narcos: Mexico, then you know the name "Sofia Conesa" so, therefore, Tessa Ía too!

Tessa Ía González Norvind is the Mexican actress who gave "Sofia Conesa" life in the hit Netflix series. At only 25 years old, Tessa has managed to stand out as a true artist. In addition to acting, Tessa has some other incredible passions that she is extremely talented in.  

Five Curious Facts About Tessa Ía - "Sofia Conesa" in Narcos: Mexico

At her young age, Tessa already has a fairly long career, so we have compiled some interesting facts about the star so you can get to know Tessa Ía a bit more!

Debuted on Rebelde 

One of her first television appearances was in the highly successful Mexican telenovelas Rebelde when she was just a child! She played "Lili Arango", who was the little sister of Alfonso Herrera's character "Miguel"!

Famous Family

Artistic blood runs through Tessa's veins. Her mother is Mexican actress Nailea Norvind who gave birth to Tessa on April 3rd, 1995.

Tessa is also the half sister of actress Camila Sodi, since her father Fernando González Parra, had Camila in 1986 with Ernestina Sodi.

She Has Worked With Incredible Actors

At 25-years-old, Tessa can already boast about something not many actors can. In her early acting days, she was in the film The Burning Plain, where she portrayed "María Martínez" alongside greats Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kim Basinger!

Music Lover

Not only does Tessa have a special taste for acting, but she also loves music. She started writing at a very young age and she composed her own music. In 2016, she released her first record! Her latest release was an EP this year. All of her music can be found on streaming platforms under the same name: Tessa Ía.

She Has Performed At Festivals

Her love for music has gradually led her to stand out, to the extent of playing at various music festivals including one of the biggest in Latin America: Vive Latino, an event she can already brag about having been a part of the lineup!

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