We just love the fact that Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram and constantly brings us joy with amazing pictures from her private life, be it from the set or with some friends and former co-stars!

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Looking at her latest picture, it seems like "Rachel" had a great and laid-back Sunday night with Courteney Cox ("Monica") and Lisa Kudrow ("Phoebe").

Jennifer Aniston reunites with Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow

Aniston captioned the two pictures in the loveliest way: "Hi from the girls across the hall," sure put all Friends fans right back into nostalgia mode.

On the show, all three actresses lived in one apartment in New York City at one point in time. "Rachel", "Monica" and "Phoebe" resided right across the hall from their friends "Joey" and "Chandler", played by Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry.

We can't wait for Jen's next Instagram post - maybe it will feature one of her former co-stars again!

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