• Matthew Perry continues to be remembered
  • This time it was actress Jessica Hecht
  • Jessica spoke about Matthew's legacy

It was a night to remember. The Manhattan Theatre Club’s 2023 Fall Gala was tinged with nostalgia as Hecht reminisced about Perry's lovable quirks. "Matthew was the king of comedy on set! His antics with the breast milk episode? Priceless!" Hecht shared with a chuckle, her eyes sparkling with fondness.

Jessica has nothing but fond memories of him

"He was so silly when he was young, and he was so easy to love," the actress told 'Page Six' in an interview. Jessica, who played "Susan Bunch", shared that her favorite episode of the sitcom was "The One With the Breast Milk," in which "Ross" and "Chandler" were disgusted by breastfeeding.

"His [Perry’s] was the silliest attempt to taste the breast milk," she told us with a laugh. "I just remember how kind he was and how he tried to make everyone else at ease."

But it wasn't just the laughs that made Perry special. "He had a heart of gold, always easing everyone's pain, even while battling his own demons," Hecht added, her voice softening.

As many others have echoed, Matthew "was kinder to other people [than himself], as many people are who suffer from addiction and all of that, just desperate for other people to be relieved from the pain that they feel."

Tributes have poured in from all over the world, and it's clear that Perry's kindness was a beacon for many, despite his personal struggles with addiction. This was a battle he bravely shared with the world which inspired many to seek help themselves.

Tragedy struck on October 28 when Perry was found dead in an apparent drowning, leaving the 'Friends' family and fans around the globe in shock. "Utterly devastated," was the collective sentiment from his co-stars as they mourned the loss of their beloved 'Matty.'

Also interesting:

Perry's transparency about his addiction, including his harrowing journey detailed in his 2022 memoir 'Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing,' has been a source of inspiration and a stark reminder of the fragility of life.

His legacy lives on, not only in the laughter he brought to millions but in his courageous fight against his inner turmoil.

The star-studded goodbye at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles was a testament to Perry's impact on and off the screen. As the world continues to remember and celebrate Matthew Perry, his friends and family hold on to the memories of the joy and kindness he spread so effortlessly.