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'Friends': This Is What "Gunther" Looks Like Today!

In case you have forgotten, "Ross" (David Schwimmer) and "Rachel" (Jennifer Aniston) had a daughter on Friends! Baby "Emma" was born at the end of season eight and it was definitely THE moment we all were expecting.

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Did you know not one but two actresses played baby "Emma"? Find out more about the Sheldon twins and what they are up to now!

Noelle and Cali Sheldon played "Emma Geller" in Friends

Twin sisters Noelle Sheldon and Cali Sheldon portrayed baby "Emma" in Friends, when they were only a few months old. The actresses are now 17 years old and have built amazing on-screen careers over the past few years.

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Noelle Sheldon, for instance, has done modeling work and had guest roles in successful TV shows such as The Bold and the Beautiful. Her acting credits also include the television series Lifeand most recently the 2016 film Rougarou.

This is Noelle Sheldon today:

Cali Sheldon has also landed exciting roles on both the big and small screen. Apart from sharing credits with her sister Noelle in Friends, Life, and Rougarou, she has starred in other projects like Jordan Peele's 2019 horror film Us!

This is Cali Sheldon now: