In honour of the Friends cast recently confirming that they would be reuniting for a reunion special set to air on streaming platform HBO Max in May, how about reminiscing about some of the show's most iconic moments? From quotable lines to hilarious scenes, here's a list of 10 moments that really define Friends...

"Smelly Cat"

“Phoebe Buffay’s” hilarious song debuted in season 2, episode 6 (“The One With the Baby on the Bus”). "Smelly Cat" is first heard when "Phoebe" attempts to teach musician “Stephanie” how to properly play it. With simple yet catchy lyrics (“Smelly cat, smelly cat/What are they feeding you?/Smelly cat, smelly cat/It’s not your fault”) the comedic ditty has gone on to become something of a classic among Friends fans, and became a running gag throughout the series. It even recently received a Carpool Karaoke remix, courtesy of James Corden and Justin Bieber!

"Could I be wearing any more clothes?"

This iconic moment happens in the appropriately titled season 3, episode 2 ("The One Where No One's Ready"), which takes place in real time! It comes as "Chandler" has decided to hide "Joey's" underwear as payback for his ruining "Phoebe's" dress. But instead of going commando since all his underwear is gone, "Joey" decides to put on layers upon layers of clothes... "Chandler's" clothes! "Could I be wearing any more clothes?" he infamously asks.

"We were on a break!"

The infamous line used in reference to the "break" in "Ross Geller" and "Rachel Green's" relationship throughout the show was first heard in season 3, episode 16 ("The One with With the Morning After").  "I thought we were broken up," "Ross" protests, trying to defend his affair with another woman. "Rachel" then counters by saying, "We were on a break!" It's arguably one of the most quotable lines from the show, and has gone on to spawn countless online memes and gifs! 


In season 4, episode 12 (“The One With the Embryos”), the ‘Friends’ are competing in a girls vs. boys quiz testing how well they truly know each other. “Rachel” and “Monica” face off against “Chandler” and “Joey”, and are doing relatively well until they get the dreaded question… “What’s “Chandler Bing’s” job?”

“He’s a TRANSPONSTER!” shouts, "Rachel", unable to think of another answer. “That’s not even a word!” a horrified “Monica” exclaims in response, and the girls lose. The iconic status of this moment was further cemented recently, when Jennifer Aniston referenced it in her post about Matthew Perry joining Instagram!

"How You Doin’?"

“Joey Tribbiani”s” iconic catchphrase didn’t make its first appearance until season 4, episode 13 (“The One With Rachel’s Crush”)! In the scene, “Joey” is attempting to teach Rachel how to pick up a guy she likes, since she doesn’t know where to start when it comes to asking a guy out.

“Well, uh, what I do is, I look a woman up and down and I say, ‘Hey, how you doin’?” “Joey” says. While "how you doin'?" is arguably the phrase the character of “Joey” is most known for, he only actually said it around 20 times during the duration of the show’s run!

"I, Ross, take thee, Rachel..."

In the two-part season 4 finale, "The One With Ross's Wedding", "Ross" is about to marry "Emily" when he makes a subconscious mistake in his vows! Instead of repeating the name of the woman who's about to become his wife, he utters the famous line, "I, Ross, take thee, Rachel..." — as "Rachel" herself is watching the union take place! The scene marks a pivotal moment for the relationship between "Ross" and "Rachel", and to this day remains one of the most shocking lines on television!


The hilarious scene where "Rachel" and "Chandler" are trying to help "Ross" carry his new couch upstairs happens in season 5, episode 16 ("The One With the Cop"). After "Ross" has drawn out a diagram of how the three of them will be able to manoeuvre the couch up the winding staircase, they find themselves struggling to actually make it work in the tight space. "Pivot!!" "Ross" infamously shouts several times, much to "Chandler's" frustration.


It may come as a surprise that “Ross Geller’s” iconic “unagi” line didn’t appear until season 6, episode 17 (“The One With Unagi”)! In the episode, "Ross" hilariously misuses the word “unagi” multiple times while trying to teach "Rachel" the art of martial arts. "Isn't that a kind of sushi?" she questions. The humour comes from "Ross" mistakenly thinking that "unagi" is a method of intense mental concentration, when in actuality, it means “freshwater eel”!

Holiday Armadillo

Season 7, episode 10 ("The One With the Holiday Armadillo") sees "Ross" having to get creative when he's unable to find a suitable outfit to wear while attempting to teach his son about Hanukkah. "I'm the holiday armadillo!" he exclaims, while dressed in a ridiculous— and not at all festive— armadillo costume. Despite this moment not showing up until much later on in the show, it's still become an iconic joke for Friends fans... especially around the holidays!

"Joey doesn't share food!"

In one of the show's final episodes, season 10, episode 9, ("The One With the Birth Mother"), another one of "Joey's" most iconic lines is born! The moment comes when he's explaining to "Phoebe" how he went out on a date with her friend, which he enjoyed until suddenly... she took fries from his plate! "Rachel" walks in and unbeknownst to "Phoebe", she's already aware of "Joey's" unwillingness to let anyone touch his food! "Joey doesn't share food!" "Joey" shouts, a line that has become a meme for fellow food hoarders around the world.