You probably remember that "Joey" (Matt LeBlanc) had an amazing agent on Friends and her name was "Estelle Leonard." Portrayed by the wonderful June Gable, "Estelle" was loved by everyone who ever watched the show!

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Let's go back to 1994: June Gable's character appeared on Friends for the first time in "The One With The Butt," the sixth episode of the series' first season. However, her scene was cut for timing reasons and she made her actual first appearance one season later, in "The One With Russ" episode.

Unfortunately "Estelle" dies in the show's last season (2003) and our beloved "Joey" is the one in charge of delivering a speech at her memorial service. As expected, the scene is quite hilarious since fans get to learn she only had another client named "Al Zeebooker" (E.J. Callahan), who happens to eat paper (?)

"The One Where Estelle Dies"

This is June Gable aka "Estelle Leonard" today

Since her final appearance on Friends, June Gable has been keeping herself quite busy. In 2012 she appeared in the TV show My America, and four years in the series Nunsense (2016). Most recently she was part of the cast of Robert Smigel's 2018 film The Week Of, where she played "Roberta."

Quick facts about June Gable

  • She was born on June 5, 1945 in NYC
  • She is also an amazing Broadway actress
  • June was nominated for a Tony Award in 1974 for the musical Candide
  • Also known for Barney Miller, Sha Na Naand Miami Vice
  • She played a different character on Friends. She portrayed a nurse in the episode "The One with the Birth" (1995)!
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