• Tom Brady was roasted this week
  • Some jokes weren't to his ex's liking
  • THIS is what Gisele is mad about now

It was quite the star-studded and joke-filled evening for those in attendance. And now, in the wake of Netflix's star-studded roast of NFL legend Tom Brady, supermodel Gisele Bündchen has voiced her displeasure over the event's portrayal of her family, especially concerning jokes about her recent divorce and new relationship. 

The Roast That Stirred the Pot

The glitzy world of celebrity roasts took a sour turn this past Sunday at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, Calif., where Tom Brady, the Super Bowl champion, found himself at the center of a comedic storm.

However, not everyone is laughing. Gisele Bündchen, the Brazilian supermodel and Brady's ex-wife, is "deeply disappointed" by the roast that took jabs at her family life, particularly her divorce and new beau.

Hosted by Kevin Hart, the event titled 'The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady' saw a lineup of stars including Nikki Glaser and Brady's former teammates, all ready to poke fun at the retired quarterback. Yet, it was the personal digs, especially those aimed at Bündchen and her recent life changes, that sparked controversy.

Hart, 44, first mocked Brady over Bündchen's new boyfriend, her jiu-jitsu coach Joaquim Valente. Along with Hart, Glaser, 39, also went after Brady and his divorce, mocking the football star and remarking:

"You have seven rings. Well, eight now that Gisele gave hers back." Meanwhile, Brady's former teammates, Bledsoe and Edelman, also made jabs at the former couple's previous marriage.

There were more jokes like this one: (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

A close source to Bündchen revealed to 'People' magazine that the supermodel was not only upset by the "disrespectful portrayal" but was also concerned about the impact on her children, Benjamin and Vivian, whom she shares with Brady.

The source adds, "This past week, Gisele has been tirelessly dedicated to aiding those in need in her home state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, which is grappling with the worst flooding in its history. She was concerned about family affected by the devastating floods, so to hear her life being joked about was very disappointing."

Amidst her disappointment, Bündchen's focus remains steadfast on her family and her humanitarian efforts back in Brazil, where she's been aiding flood victims in her home state.

While the roast aimed to entertain, the timing couldn't have been more off for Bündchen, who has been deeply involved in relief efforts following devastating floods in Brazil. Her dedication to the cause, juxtaposed with the roast's frivolity, highlights a stark contrast in priorities.

Also interesting:

As the dust settles on Netflix's controversial comedy special, the spotlight shines not on the jokes but on Gisele Bündchen's unwavering commitment to her family and humanitarian work

Despite the public spectacle, Bündchen's grace and dedication remain unscathed, proving that sometimes, real life is no laughing matter.