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'Game of Thrones' Star Emilia Clarke Offers To Have Virtual Dinner With 12 Fans: "We'll Cook It Together"

Emilia Clarke offers to have virtual dinner with 12 fans: “We’ll cook it together"
March 31, 2020 - 18:31 / Laura Pérez

Emilia Clarke aka "Daenerys Targaryen" offered Game of Thrones fans the opportunity of having dinner with her! There's one special condition though... Get all the details below!

Emilia Clarke aka "Daenerys Targaryen" in Game of Thrones is isolating herself amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. The 33-year-old actress took to Instagram to offer fans the opportunity of having dinner with her with one special condition...

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Emilia Clarke, also known for her role in the British medical soap opera Doctors, encouraged people to donate to her charity SameYou, which helps people in recovering from strokes and brain injuries. Her charity is currently helping patients recover at home to help free up hospital beds for patients who tested positive for COVID-19.

See Emilia Clarke's Instagram post here:

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Dearest ones, from my isolation booth I write to you with a plea for help! Due to the current frightening and ever changing coronavirus emergency please would you help me raise £250,000, by donating through the link in my Bio, to provide stroke and brain injury patients with essential support!! This fund will also help in freeing up the hospital beds needed to deal with the pandemic, to care for those who also need a space to heal. 100% of your generosity will fund virtual rehab clinic support in the coming weeks... a very big task and a very big ask but you are all very big hearted souls so I know you'll want to help me help them! ❤️ ❤️ @sameyouorg #togethertogethertogether

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Emilia Clarke offers to have virtual dinner with fans - She says she can't really cook!

Emilia Clarke made it clear we all have to be there for each other in these difficult times. For those who would like to help people by being part of her organization, there's a very special reward: a virtual dinner with her!

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"We’ll cook it together and eat it together. We will discuss lots of things — isolation and fear and also, funny videos. And, you know, the fact that I can’t really cook. So it’s going to be fun," she added. The GoT actress' goal is raising up to $450,000.

Emilia Clarke at the HFPA and THR Golden Globe Ambassador Party, West Hollywood, California, 2019