Before becoming an actor Kevin McHale was an aspiring singer from Texas. He attended the Academy of Canyons High School in California. He was part of a boy band called NLT, which stands for "Not Like Them" with bandmates Travis Garland, Justin Joseph "JJ" Thorne, and Vahe "V" Sevani.

Kevin McHale's Big Break

In 2006, they were discovered by record producer Chris Stokes and quickly landed a role opening for The Pussycat Dolls. The group also helped to co-write a hit song with Timbaland's bandmates called "She Said, I Said (Time We Let Go)." But in 2009 the band decided to go their separate ways which helped to lead Kevin to his breakout role on Glee

McHale's Time on Glee

Kevin played fan-favorite "Artie Abrams" on Glee for all 6 seasons and starred in 113 episodes. "Artie" was known for his bravery in making the most of being wheelchair bound following a car accident and some favorite solos from the show include "Dancing with Myself", "Dream a Little of Me", "Stronger", and "Scream". 

Kevin McHale's Life After Glee

After Glee ended, Kevin landed a role as the voice of "Barry Charles" on the Cartoon Network show We Bare Bears in 2016. He also starred on the miniseries We Will Rise, a docudrama that highlighted the late 1900's history of LGBT rights in the United States. Later in 2018, he came out as gay and has been active in the Human Rights Campaign. 

Kevin McHale Today

The 33-year-old recently starred on the 2019 season of The X Factor: Celebrity and has been refocusing on his music career with songs like "Help Me Now" and "James Dean". Kevin is 33-years-old and is currently dating actor Austin McKenzie. You can see some cute pictures that he posts to his official Instagram account!  

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