Matthew Morrison, Glee's "Will Schuester", was born October 30, 1978 and would begin acting as just a child! By the time Matthew Morrison entered university, he was already performing on Broadway!

Some of Matthew Morrison's earliest Broadway performances include:

  • Footloose (1999)
  • The Rocky Horror Show (2002)
  • Hairspray (2002-2004)
  • The Light in the Piazza (2005)

Morrison even did a stint with the boy band LMNT in the early 2000s! With a distinctive voice, some mad dance skills, and a knack for drama, it is no surprise that Matthew would quickly work his way from Broadway to Hollywood. 

Matthew Morrison Glee's "Will Schuester"

Matthew Morrison would begin appearing on Glee in 2009. With all of his Broadway experience, Morrison was perfect for the part of "Will Schuester", a highschool Spanish/History teacher who brings back the glee club!

In addition to starring on Glee, Morrison also helped to direct many of the episodes! In fact, the ninth episode of season three marked his directorial debut! Over the course of the show's six seasons, Matthew Morrison was nominated for a number of awards and won a Satellite Award for Best Actor in 2009!

Matthew Morrison Today

Matthew Morrison, Renee Puente, and their son Revel Morrison 2018

While Glee may have ended in 2015, Matthew Morrison has continued to star in a number of successful Broadway shows including as the lead in 2015's critically acclaimed Finding Neverland! Most recently, you will find Matthew Morrison starring in season nine of FX's horror series, American Horror Story: 1984.

Matthew Morrison has been married to his beautiful wife Renee Puente since 2014 and in 2017 they welcomed their first son into the family! A talented actor, singer, dancer, director, husband, and father, is there anything Glee's Matthew Morrison can't do?

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