• Shohei Ohtani is a super popular MLB player
  • He even got a special shoutout from Google
  • Google search says Ohtani set a new record

Shohei Ohtani earned a pretty unique title — from Google search, of all things.

Google was celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage month (May 2022) when they revealed a new record for Ohtani. On Twitter, Google Trends declared that Shohei Ohtani is the "most searched baseball pitcher of all time" on Google.

Google crowns Shohei Ohtani "most searched" pitcher

Shohei Ohtani, who hails from Japan, is a global superstar. And really, why wouldn't he be the most searched pitcher? Ohtani is the MLB's reigning AL MVP and he's breaking new ground as an elite starting pitcher and power hitter.

Also interesting:

"Baseball has had a number of great pitchers in the sport's history, but none is more searched than Shohei Ohtani," wrote Google Trends on Twitter.

Now, the Los Angeles Angels superstar can add the unique Google accomplishment to his trophy case. The sky is the limit for Shohei Ohtani, whose parents were sports stars too, by the way.

Maybe an MLB playoff berth and World Series win are up next?