• Luka Dončić got a scratch on his face in the NBA playoffs
  • Warriors star Andrew Wiggins did the damage
  • Dončić got a scar and reacted to it after the game

Luka Dončić and the Dallas Mavericks had a tough Game 1 in their conference final playoff matchup with the Golden State Warriors.

The Mavs fell 112–87 to the Warriors, but that wasn't the only blow. Star Luka Dončić ended up with a noticeable facial wound during the game.

How did Luka Doncic get a scratch on his face?!

In the first quarter, Warriors star Andrew Wiggins caught Luka Dončić in the face with an errant swipe of his hand. It looked innocent enough, and Dončić carried on with the play, but it left a noticeable scrape across the cheek of the Mavericks star.

Luka Dončić with a scratch on his face

Even after the game, the Andrew Wiggins scratch stood out on Luka Dončić's face. Reacting to the injury afterward, the Slovenian-born NBA star told reporters: "It's good. Makes me look tough."

Also interesting:

So, a battle scar for Luka Dončić, but he seems none the worse for wear. The Dallas Mavericks will need more of that resilient attitude heading into Game 2 on Friday.