• Luka Dončić is an NBA star with the Dallas Mavericks
  • He has a sizeable tattoo on his left arm
  • This is what's in Luka Dončić's tattoo

Luka Dončić loves tattoos. The NBA star has tons of body art, including a noticeable tattoo collection on his left forearm. Here's a closer look.

Luka Dončić's arm tattoo: Tiger, Latin and more

On his left arm, Luka Dončić has nearly a half-sleeve worth of tattoos. He's inked from his elbow to his wrist with symbols, words, and nature images.

For starters, there are several animal tattoos: near his elbow is an eagle's head (outer arm) and a tiger's head (inner arm). On the nature theme, the tattoo also includes palm leaves.

Phoenix Suns v Dallas Mavericks - Game Six

Then there is the famous "Eye of God" (single eye within a triangle) tattooed just below the eagle. Below the tiger on the inner arm is a phrase in Latin that says: "Non-desistas non-exieris," which means "Never give up never surrender."

Beneath the Latin phrase is the number seven. Luka Dončić wore the number during his time with Real Madrid and now wears #77 with the Dallas Mavericks. The tattoo assemblage is rounded out by a few spheres and shading around the details.

Also interesting:

Luka Dončić's arm isn't the only spot he has tattoos either. The NBA star, who is from Slovenia, has a skull with crossed swords on his back and the EuroBasket trophy on his right side.

Earlier in his career, Luka Dončić often covered his arm tattoo with a compression sleeve. But it's more common to see the tattoo on display during NBA games today.