• Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez recently lost a baby boy from pregnancy complications
  • Ronaldo's biggest sporting rivals Liverpool F.C. paid tribute to him during a match last weekend
  • Cristiano has shown his appreciation for the gesture

Soccer is by far the biggest sport in the world, and many would argue that the game's biggest ever star is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. "CR7" has made history time and again, breaking just about every record there is to break, and earning the respect and admirations of his teammates and his opponents alike. Ronaldo's incredible legacy can perhaps have no better example than the minute-long ovation he received in enemy territory!

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Cristiano Ronaldo Commands The Respect Of All Who Love The Game

For anyone who knows anything about the English Premier League, they'll know that Manchester United and Liverpool F.C. are the biggest and most bitter rivals in all of English football. Their rivalry extends all the way back to the 1920s and has even become violent.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been United's biggest ever success story. This season, he has come back to Manchester United, to the club that turned him into a global superstar, and to deflate Liverpool's title hopes!

Through his many playing years, Ronaldo has demolished Liverpool time and again in his career, and Liverpool fans have always had a special target on Cristiano's back, since he has always been United's best player, which means their biggest rival! But when news broke out about the sudden loss of Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez's baby boy due to pregnancy complications, fans at Anfield did something completely unexpected.

During last weekend's heated derby match where Liverpool hosted Manchester United in a do-or-die clash, Liverpool fans broke into a minute-long applause during minute 7 of the match, in honor of Ronaldo's famous number 7 jersey, while they sang the club anthem "You Will Never Walk Alone". And so, in song, they extended their embrace to their greatest ever enemy!

Liverpool Fans Proved That Some Things Matter More Than Football

The sudden show of support absolutely shocked the away fans who joined in the applause as well. When you consider the history of the Manchester United-Liverpool rivalry, and how heated it has always been, this was an absolutely massive gesture from the home fans who showed their condolences in an historic way!

Many around the world couldn't believe the tribute, and players and pundits wasted no time in congratulating Liverpool's fans for an incredibly unprecedented display of empathy and brotherhood.

Ronaldo, who was at his family's side during the match was quick to thank Liverpool supporters for one of the most beautiful gestures ever seen on the field of play: "One world... One sport... One global family... Thanks, Anfield. Me and my family will never forget this moment of respect and compassion," Ronaldo wrote on Instagram.

There's no doubt that Ronaldo will come back soon to delight the millions of fans that watch him play every week. For now, this heartwarming story will surely make the sadness just a little more bearable for "CR7" and his family.