Life isn't easy when you're dating Gordon Ramsay's daughter...

Ramsay's eldest, Megan, is 23 and she's dating a guy named Byron. Gordon just went on TV to share his opinion of the young man — and it's about what you'd expect from the fiery chef.

Gordon Ramsay roasted his daughter's BF in interview

Ramsay opened up about the man in his daughter's life on Kelly Clarkson's talk show. He said: "Megan started seeing her ex-boyfriend again and his name's Byron.

"He was OK to begin with — a little bit wet, you know. You want a man to date your daughter, and he was just a little bit pathetic."

Clarkson was cracking up over the comments and joked: "Byron is peeing his pants somewhere!" Ramsay replied: "I'm gonna kill the little f***er."

The 55-year-old revealed he went behind his daughter's back and got her boyfriend's phone number. He then video called Byron while they were out on a date.

"He sort of answered the phone, this thing was shaking," Ramsay explained. "I said, 'Byron, it's me! I'm not your future father-in-law, you little f***er.' Megan leant over and cut me off, and it was so rude," he joked.

In the chat, Ramsay said that he wants his daughter "to be looked after," so he gets "anxious" and finds it "hard" since she's just in her early 20s.

While the clip has gone a little viral and many found Ramsay's comments amusing, some have also accused him of being a bully and embarrassing his daughter. In any case, it's Gordon being Gordon.

Megan is one of Gordon's five children with his wife Cayetana.