American actor Robin Lord Taylor was born June 4, 1978, in small town Iowa. After earning his Bachelor of Science in theatre from Northwestern University, it wouldn't take long for Robin to break into the Hollywood scene. 

Early in his career, Robin Lord Taylor made appearances in TV series including The Walking Dead, Law & Order, and The Good Wife. His biggest role to date, however, would come in 2014 when Taylor was cast as "Oswald Cobblepot" on hit Fox TV series Gotham

Robin Lord Taylor Gotham Production Still 

Robin Lord Taylor as "Oswald Cobblepot"

Robin Lord Taylor would land one of the most coveted roles of the show as "Oswald Cobblepot" aka one of "Batman's" biggest rivals "The Penguin". Robin would star in all five seasons of Gotham, which ran from 2014 until its final season in 2019. 

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Critics had nothing but praise for Robin, and the show would thrust him into the spotlight. While Robin was shining on-screen, he was also shining off-screen with his biggest fan, actor and husband Richard "Dickey" DiBella.

Robin Lord Taylor and Richard "Dickey" DiBella attend the Paley Honors: A Gala Tribute To LGBTQ+ 2019

Robin Lord Taylor and Richard "Dickey" DiBella

While they married in 2011 after Iowa became the third state to legalize gay marriage, Robin Lord Taylor and Richard "Dickey" DiBella had been together for almost eight years by the time the tied the knot! Sharing the same birthday (June 4th) the pair is meant to be! 

43-year-old Taylor, who you can now watch on Netflix drama You, and 38-year-old DiBella, who is known for films including The Bread, My Sweet (2001), The Rebound (2009), and Billy on the Street (2011), prefer to keep their relationship very private and are rarely seen in public together. The couple have no kids as of yet, but appear to enjoy each other's company and often attend LGBTQ+ events together.