Singer, actress and model, Grace Jones has been in the public eye for her talents and gender-defying ideologies for years. She initially had her rise to fame in the music industry, with top-chart hits like "Pull Up to the Bumper" and "Private Life" in the early '80s. Then by 1985, she would have her first major film role...

Grace Jones' partners through the years

Grace's first high-profile relationship was with controversial French photographer Jean-Paul Gorde, who became her muse as a model in the late 1970's. He told WWD:

"In 1977 or ’78, I met Grace and it was a period of decadence. People were still doing lots of drugs and I had been working so hard for so long and she made me part of her lifestyle, made me go out dancing at Studio 54. She became an obsession and we did everything together."

The pair eventually had a son, Paulo, and Grace has a granddaughter because of Paulo! Goude even admitted that the child was completely unexpected, further stating to WWD:

"We both had our moments of weakness and when she announced she was pregnant, I had no intention of staying with her; I wasn’t happy with it. But she had the baby and then I became very soft and tender."

Jones' Scandinavian partners

Then when Grace landed the role of "May Day" in the 1985 James Bond film, A View to a Kill, she also began dating her former bodyguard - Dolph Lundgren - for four years! She even got the now-famous Swedish actor a role in the film as a KGB officer. 

You may also recognize Lundgren from the movie Rocky IV, as Stallone's boxing nemesis.

Right after the pair split, Jones became romantically involved with Danish actor Sven-Ole Thorsen. The pair were in an open relationship in 1990, and even started seeing each other again in 2007!

Grace Jones' husband

Now, this is where things get a little confusing. Grace has a husband, and they've been married since 1996. His name is Atila Altaunbay, a Turkish man whom she met in Belgium. While she was in Brazil for work, the pair spontaneously eloped! She stated in her memoir, I'll Never Write My Memoirs:

"We're not divorced. (...) I can't find him to get the divorce sorted."

Hence, why she's also in an open relationship with her one and only marriage! She also stated in her memoir that his family never approved of her. Yikes! 

After all these years, the acting and singing star is still performing! We can't wait to see what Grace does next!