Didi Conn was born Edith Bernstein in Brooklyn, New York in the Summer of 1951. She started acting in the 1960's and got her first acting credit in an 1975 episode of Happy Days as "Joyce".

She starred as "Laurie Robinson" in the 1977 movie You Light Up My Life and then got her big break when she was cast as "Frenchie" in the 1978 summer movie sensation Grease.

Didi Conn as "Frenchie" in 'Grease' in 1978.

Didi Conn played "Frenchie" in Grease

Alongside stars such as John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John and Stockard Channing, Conn managed to excel in her role as "Frenchie", "Sandy's" best friend in the 'Pink Ladies' and an aspiring beautician. Conn actually reprised her role in the 1982 sequel Grease 2, which starred Michelle Pfeiffer alongside Maxwell Caulfield.

Didi Conn, pictured in 2019.

Didi Conn: Her time after Grease

Conn went on to star in the popular ABC sitcom Benson as "Denise Stevens" from 1981 until 1985 and also starred as "Stacy Jones" in Shining Time Station, which ran on PBS from 1989 until 1995. Conn also appeared in four more specials in 1995.

She had some guest appearances on shows like Law & Order: SVU later on but became very famous again for being the oldest ever contestant on the British TV show Dancing on Ice at 67. Conn was quite popular, but she and her partner Łukasz Różycki were eliminated in week 4 of season 11 in 2019.

Didi Conn with her husband David Shire on the red carpet.

Didi Conn's personal life

Born Edith, her nickname was always Didi. She was married to her first husband Frank "Frankie" Conn from 1975 until their divorce in 1978. She has been married to her second husband David Shire since 1982 and they have a son together.