Names like "Connery" and "Peck" once dominated the movie world. Those days are behind us, but it's always interesting to explore the legacies of famous movie stars.

As it turns out, descendants of legendary actors Sean Connery and Gregory Peck have crossed paths and fallen in love. Natasha Connery and Harper Peck are reportedly in a relationship.

Sean Connery and Gregory Peck's grandkids are dating

The young couple has been posting affectionate photos on Instagram, and a friend confirmed to the Daily Mail that they're together. "It's a great Hollywood romance," the source said.

Natasha and Harper are believed to be in their 20s, and they recently rang in the New Year together in Mexico. Here's a photo Connery shared on Instagram.

Movie star descendants Harper Peck and Natasha Connery are dating.

Harper Peck is the son of Gregory Peck's daughter Cecilia. He was even named in relation to his grandfather's trademark movie, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Peck's 1962 film was an adaptation of the famous book of the same title, and Peck's grandson was named after its author, Harper Lee.

Meanwhile, Natasha descends from Sean Connery's widow Micheline Roquebrune. The "James Bond" legend died at age 90 back in 2020. Gregory Peck passed on in 2003.

Movie lovers will most definitely be cheering on this romance between a Connery and a Peck.