Just like many other stars, Jennifer Grey had guest appearances in Grey's Anatomy. Many a big name had already played a role in the popular medical drama series. So naturally, it made sense that Grey got to appear in the show as well. 

Jennifer Grey's Grey's Anatomy role as "Carol Dickinson"

Jennifer Grey's Grey's Anatomy role is that of "Carol Dickinson", the mother of "Betty Dickinson" (Peyton Kennedy). When "Betty" becomes addicted to drugs due to an injury, she runs away from home. With her drug dealer, the teenager has a son named "Leo", whom she gives to the doctor "Owen Hunt" (Kevin McKidd) and his wife "Amelia" (Caterina Scorsone) after the birth.

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"Betty" then goes to rehab in Seattle, from which she escapes. In the episode "I Walk the Line", Jennifer Grey made her first appearance in Grey's Anatomy as "Carol Dickinson". "Carol" and her husband "John" (Kyle Secor) want to find their missing daughter and come across "Amelia", who tells them that "Betty" has had a child.

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Jennifer Grey's second appearance on Grey's Anatomy

In the next episode "I Want a New Drug", Jennifer Grey can be seen a second time. "Carol" and "John" try to take "Leo" home with them, although "Owen" and "Amelia" are now the legal guardians and don't allow it.

But then "Betty" is hospitalized for taking drugs that attack her heart. Her parents go to the hospital and are relieved to learn that "Betty" would make it out alive.

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Jennifer Grey's last appearance on Grey's Anatomy

In the Grey's Anatomy episode "We Didn't Start the Fire",  "Carol" wants to take her daughter "Betty" and her son back home a few weeks later, however "Betty" decides to leave "Leo" with his foster parents. She wants to use the chance to be a child - which she would not have been able to do with a baby of her own.

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In the same episode, Jennifer Grey appeared for the last time in the popular medical drama. However, the Dirty Dancing star was not very recognizable during the three episodes, as Jennifer's appearance has changed dramatically since the famous classic film in 1987.