• Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie are teaming up
  • Their upcoming movie is called 'Maude v Maude'
  • THIS is how their relationship started

Hollywood's A-Lister Halle Berry is soaring to new heights! Fresh off her flight to Saudi Arabia for the Red Sea Film Festival, Berry spilled the celestial beans on her next big project, a love story intertwined with the supernatural and time travel. This will be her second directorial venture after the gritty MMA drama 'Bruised,' which Netflix snagged, proving Berry's mettle as a filmmaker.

Two powerhouses meet

But hold on to your popcorn, folks! Directing 'Bruised' was no walk on the red carpet. Berry didn't mince words, calling the experience "hell" and pointing out the stark inequalities in Tinseltown. "If I were a white man or even a Black man, it would have been easier," she declared. Talk about a Hollywood heavyweight throwing a punch at the industry's glass ceiling!

As if that's not enough to keep our eyes glued to the screen, Berry is prepping for 'Maude v Maude,' a film cocktail of 'Mr & Mrs Smith' and 'Mission: Impossible' with a dash of humor.

She's teaming up with none other than Angelina Jolie and despite a "rocky start," Berry is psyched about crafting a story from a female perspective. "She is formidable," Berry said of Jolie, hinting at a blossoming powerhouse partnership.

Curious about the Berry-Jolie dynamic? Berry teased a "good one" story behind their initial friction but insisted that their shared experiences, like navigating divorces and exes, have bonded them. Talk about finding friendship in the fray!

Berry's not just chatting it up at the festival; she's on a mission to scout exotic locations for 'Maude v Maude,' with Warner Bros. backing their screenplay. She's eyeing spots "never been shown on screen before". How's that for a cinematic adventure?

It's a fresh take on an old story

The film, which 'Deadline' describes as a "‘Bond vs. Bourne’ type of global action thriller," ended up in the hands of distributor Warner Bros. following a heated bidding war in April. 

"Warner Bros. bought our screenplay and, for us, it is about going places that have never been shown on screen before," Berry told 'Variety.' The outlet reported that the director-star was in Saudi Arabia in part to scout for locations to shoot the upcoming film. "We plan on going all around the world," she said. 

Reacting to a post today about 'Maude v Maude' featuring pictures of the two stars on X, Berry wrote: "Someone just tweeted a ‘mother off’ and I’m laughing so hard right now."

She continued, addressing fans, “Glad you guys are just as excited about this project as I am.”

Although it took Jolie and Berry some time to find common ground in their tumultuous love lives, the Emmy winner believes their rocky start is "going to serve [them] well" as they co-star and co-produce their upcoming film.

Also interesting:

Reflecting on her journey, Berry touched on the bittersweet memory of her historic Oscar win for 'Monster's Ball' in 2002. Despite the accolade, she lamented the lack of subsequent Black female winners in the best actress category. "That is a great sadness," she said, though she acknowledged the progress made in the industry since then.

Berry's not just waiting for change; she's creating it with her production company, turning ideas into screenplays and calling the shots. That's the spirit of a true Hollywood trailblazer!

So, get ready for a Berry-Jolie showdown and a Berry-directed romance that defies time itself. Halle Berry is proving that in Hollywood, the sky's the limit, especially when you're writing your own script!