• Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are in the news again
  • They were recently parodied in South Park
  • The couple might take legal action against them

Apart from having the spotlight for good causes like their charity work, the former royals are also the focus of a lot of criticism for some of their recent actions. They have recently been the focus of ridicule from the creative minds of the popular show South Park.

Harry and Meghan may have had enough!

Anyone who has watched the show before, knows that South Park was always meant to push the limits of what can and can't be said on television. The show ignited a media storm after parodying a privacy-seeking ex-royal couple from Canada in their Feb. 15 episode.

Also interesting:

The cartoon characters claim to want to stay out of the spotlight, but instead go on various talk shows...just like Harry and Meghan!

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