• Ian Anthony Dale is a famous actor
  • He starred in 'Hawaii Five-0'
  • Learn more about his wife Nicole here

"Adam Noshimuri" is a member of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force Investigator also formerly of the Special Division of Organized Crime. In the show, he is the son of "Hiro Noshimuri", former leader of the Japanese Yakuza and his on-screen ex-wife is former Five-0 member "Kono Kalakaua". But who is Ian Anthony Dale's wife in real life?

Meet Ian Anthony Dale's Wife: Nicole Garippo 

Ian Anthony Dale has been married to Nicole Garippo since 2016. The pair had dated since 2006 before marrying in Los Angeles in an intimate ceremony with their close friends and family. 

Nicole is a designer and partner at Body Language Sportswear which is a company that makes, you guessed it, sportswear, but luxury sportswear with a usual top costing around $200! At the moment, however, Nicole is more than busy looking after their two children. 

Ian Anthony Dale and Nicole Garippo

From her Instagram profile, one can see that Nicole devotes nearly all her time to her family. The pair have a daughter and a son - Gigi and Roman. It looks like Ian Anthony Dale and Nicole Garippo Dale are simply just enjoying family life together with Nicole as the stay-at-home mother.

Ian Anthony Dale was most recently seen in the drama series All Rise as "Louis Bravo" from 2020-2021. We hope to see more of him on screen soon!

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