You probably know that Jorge Garcia portrayed "Jerry Ortega" in Hawaii Five-0 from 2013 to 2019, unfortunately after a cliff-hanger ending in season 9, the season 10 premiere of the show revealed that Garcia's character was shot by "Azra Hassan" (Yasmin Dar,) which means that he left the show and fans were very sad about it.

However, we are very happy to reveal some interesting facts about his love life: He is happily married to Rebecca Birdsall and they can't help but post adorable pictures on Instagram together!

Who is Rebecca Birdsall, Jorge Garcia's wife?

As a matter of fact Rebecca Birdsall is also a Hawaii Five-0 star! The actress played the role of "Susan" in 2018, and is also known for her work in other productions like Cropped, Maggie and Walking Alone Together. A few months ago, the lovely pair got married and proudly showed a series of pictures of their wedding on their Instagram accounts. Overall, it seems like the newlyweds had a lot of fun at the event, as it can be seen in the cute yet funny photos they shared with fans.

Although some details about the wedding are still a mystery since the couple has kept their relationship fairly private, they reportedly got married at Leixlip Manor, close to Dublin. Jorge Garcia, also known for his role as "Hurley" in Lostdecided to approach the important occasion with some humor, as he wore a very elegant suit, that he paired with a gorilla mask! His wife Rebecca looked stunning in a lovely wedding gown that she paired with a very natural hairstyle!

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