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'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman': Jane Seymour Confirms A Reboot Is Underway

Jane Seymour has confirmed that a Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman reboot is in talks at the moment!

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jane Seymour has now confirmed that she is actively trying to get a reboot of her worldwide hit series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman off the ground. She also shared some details about what the concept would look like for the new show!

It's really happening! While talking to Entertainment Tonight, "Dr. Michaela Quinn" herself confirmed that she is currently in talks to get the popular show (it ran on CBS from 1993 until 1998) back on to the small screen.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman reboot: The first details

"We're trying right now. Beth Sullivan [the showrunner] has come up with the most amazing concept of what it would be - it would be 26 years later. Joe is on board [...], we all want to do it!"

Although the project is not officially a go yet, Seymour and her former co-stars are really trying to make sure that a reboot of the show will happen shortly.

Jane Seymour and Joe Lando as "Byron Sully" and "Dr. Mike" on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Jane Seymour: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman reboot "belongs on Netflix"

"We are actively right now trying to get the rights to do it. I think it belongs on Netflix."

Jane Seymour could be in a good spot to make that happen, as she is starring in the second season of the Netflix series The Kominsky Method (alongside Michael Douglas), which premieres on the service on October 25.

"We're in the process of trying to find a way to get it on a streaming place, because I think that's where it belongs."

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We can't wait for "Byron Sully" (Joe Lando) and "Dr. Mike" to be reunited and will keep you posted with more news about the project!