Judging by an interview that NCIS star Diona Reasonover recently gave to Digital Spy, all fans of "Kasie Hines" can gear up for some exciting episodes in the upcoming weeks. The actress has been hinting at the fact that as soon as November, "Kasie's" "work life and personal life sort of collide".

"There's a very cool episode coming out in November," the actress continued. "We're going to have a chance to learn about the people that are important to 'Kasie', and they're going to meet an old friend of hers that really tells you a lot about the way she interacts with people outside of work."

Diona Reasonover had to fill "Abby's" shoes on NCIS

Reasonover has been playing the forensic scientist ever since the start of season 16 in the fall of 2018. And as the replacement of long-standing cast member Pauley Perrette, who starred as "Abby Sciuto" for 15(!) seasons, the young actress had some big shoes to fill.

But it seems like many "Abby" fans have embraced her character by now and she is making her own mark on the show: "I think people are starting to notice the difference in characteristics [between "Kasie" and "Abby"]. With the nature of the job of having to dish out a lot of information and a lot of scientific words, it felt reminiscent of 'Abby' – but I think people are really starting to like 'Kasie'", Reasonover continued.

NCIS Season 17, Episode 3: "Going Mobile"

We can't wait for what's to come for "Kasie Hines" on NCIS, the show continues on CBS with episode three of season 17 on Tuesday, October 8. See the teaser trailer for the episode right here!

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