• A new season of 'The Kardashians' is coming soon
  • Kris Jenner has health problems
  • The trailer makes a cancer diagnosis public

In a recently released trailer for the fifth season of the reality series 'The Kardashians', Kris Jenner shares a worrying health diagnosis. Surrounded by her family and boyfriend Corey Gamble, Kris reveals that a cyst and a small tumor were discovered during a medical examination.

The Kardashians are shocked

Khloé Kardashian is visibly affected by the news, while one scene shows Kendall Jenner (28) comforting her sister Kylie Jenner (26) in a warm embrace as she bursts into tears.

In addition to Kris' health concerns, the trailer also paints a picture of family challenges. The pregnancy of Kourtney Kardashian and the events surrounding the birth of her son are addressed, as are the tensions that arise following the separation of Khloé and Tristan Thompson.

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Despite the dramatic moments, there are also light and humorous glimpses into the Kardashians' family life...

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