• Heidi Klum adores Halloween!
  • She is known for her crazy and elaborate costumes
  • This time the model went wild

Heidi Klum won Halloween with her worm costume this year. However, with the worm disguise covering her from head to toe, partying seemed rather difficult. How did she manage to go to the bathroom? 

Heidi Klum's way to the toilet

She explains this on the red carpet of her legendary party: "A lot of it has to come off. When I gotta go, I’ll have to de-strap and just make it happen somehow." She told Page Six.

Many wondered about her costume: Does Heidi feel comfortable in it? She also thought about this beforehand. 

Also interesting:

"It's hard for me to move. I don't really have arms or legs. When I fall down, I need someone to help me get back up. I'm kind of stuck there, you know? It feels a little claustrophobic," she said.

In the course of the evening, Heidi then eased her way into a carefree outfit - a glittery one-piece suit that exposed a lot of skin.

However, she kept the worm mask on – maybe that is when Heidi Klum managed to go to the toilet.