• Heidi Klum celebrated her legendary Halloween party again this year
  • She dressed up as a worm
  • Her costume was out of this world

Heidi Klum is the Halloween Queen! After two years of being absent from playing dress up, she proved that her reign of legendary Halloween party is far from over. She dressed up as a worm and was completely unrecognizable!

Heidi Klum as a giant worm

She completely disappeared into her extra-large costume, and her eyes are barely even visible! With this disguise, Heidi proved that she loves being creepy yet she still keeps it fun.

Her husband Tom went as a wounded fisherman who had his wife - or rather a worm - on his hook. What a sight! He's missing an eye, how spooky!

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Heidi was definitely THE highlight of her party yet again. It was well worth the hours she put into the costume, which she demonstrated on her Instagram account.