• Lou Sulola Samuel celebrates her birthday
  • Heidi Klum gives insight into her life
  • She also shares pictures of her daughter

Lou Sulola Samuel is the youngest child of Heidi Klum (50) and today she celebrates her 14th birthday. She was born on October 9, 2009 - but the public hardly got to see her over the years.

Every now and then, though, Heidi makes an exception, like today. On her special day, she shares sweet pictures of Lou.

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Heidi Klum shares baby photos of Lou

"Happy 14th birthday, Lou. I love you with ALL that I got", writes mom Heidi Klum on Instagram. With these tender words addressed to her youngest daughter, she shares a series of sweet pictures that show Lou as a baby.

The first photo is a selfie Heidi took of herself and her newborn Lou, who was sleeping peacefully.  The other pictures show her on mom's arm, with her three siblings Johan (16), Henry (18) and Leni (19) around her.

Just a few weeks ago, Heidi shared a recent photo of Lou, in which she stood beside her mother, Heidi Klum. What surprised many was that Heidi Klum's second daughter is already taller than her. Could this be a glimpse of the family's potential next top model?

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