• Raquel Welch's death was very sad for Heidi Klum
  • The model posts a tribute to the actress
  • Heidi looks so sexy 

Hollywood icon Raquel Welch (†82) has died. The sad news was recently announced on February 15.

Heidi Klum shares tribute to Raquel Welch

Heidi Klum posted a tribute on Instagram for the late iconic actress, Raquel Welch. 

Dressed as Raquel's iconic role "Loana" from the film One Million Years B.C., the 49-year-old presents herself to her followers. In a sexy Stone Age look, Heidi makes her fans' hearts beat faster. 

She is wearing a tight bra and slightly longer panties made of fur-like material. Heidi has chosen the famous “Fell” boots for this. The caption is only filled with a heart emoji and the link to Welch's Instagram account. 

Raquel Welch in "A Million Years Before Time"

The costuming is very detailed - the sexy outfit of the actress is legendary to this day. The resemblance between the two stars is pretty amazing in the snapshot.

Also interesting:

Raquel Welch died at the age of 82. She "passed away peacefully early this morning after a brief illness," her manager confirmed to People on Wednesday. An official statement from the family is still pending.