• We never forgot these '80s sex symbols
  • Kim Basinger and Bo Derek are a few of them
  • See what they look nowadays in our video!

The 1980s was a golden age for sex symbols in Hollywood. Some of the biggest names like Kim Basinger and Bo Derek were making history in movies of the day. But it has been 40 years since the eighties — what do the stars look like now?

Sex Symbols Of The '80s: See Them Now!

Actress Bo Derek was the dream woman of the eighties. Even today, Bo occasionally works in front of the camera. She was last seen in the movie Sharknado 6: The Last One.

Sex Symbols Of The '80s: This Is Kim Basinger, Bo Derek and Co. Today

Heather Thomas became world famous with The Fall Guy. In recent years, the gorgeous blonde has tried her hand as a screenwriter.

And then there was Brooke Shields, who celebrated her breakthrough in 1980 with the film The Blue Lagoon. She still works as an actress today. Brooke was most recently seen in the movie My Boyfriend's Meds.

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