Disney alum and pop singer of the early 2000s, Hilary Duff is showing off her beautiful Beverly Hills home, and shares what it's been like decorating her house and making it fashionable while kid-proof.

The star has two children and shares what it's been like decorating her home for her family for this month's issue of Architectural Digest

Hilary Duff shows off her Beverly Hills mansion

If there's one thing Hilary Duff can do, it's decorating a house! The child-star showed off the inside digs of her Beverly Hills mansion, which is bohemian chic and full of adorable details.

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Duff shared that she first moved to Beverly Hills when she was pregnant with her firstborn, Luca. 

"This house is used by kids," Duff explains to the publication. "We have found this really nice balance."

"I care a lot about interior design," she continued. "And I do like to invest in furniture—but furniture that I feel like I’m going to love and reuse in many different ways, and also that my kids can, like, climb on and beat up a little bit. Now, it feels like our family’s home."

Duff currently is living in the home with her husband Matthew Koma with their daughter Banks, and Duff's first son with her ex-husband, Luca.

"A lot of people move to the Hills for the view," Duff said. "But I liked that this home felt really nested. I actually have hedges in my backyard, and then right behind that, it’s just this big mountain. I feel like I’m getting this nice, warm hug."

Adding that she's constantly changing the home, Duff shared that she's remodelled the home twice since moving in.

"I’ve remodelled twice since the initial remodel," she adds. "I had a couple of big life changes—a divorce, a second child."

As for side projects, Duff shares that she has her own chickens in her backyard, and loves having her own coop.

"It’s been a really fun project for me," she says of her six chickens. "I spend a lot of time here hanging out with them."

Watch the clip below!

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