David Cronenberg is a legendary director, known for his work in the "body horror" genre. The now 76-year-old Canadian filmmaker last made a film in 2014 - Maps to the Stars, with Robert Pattinson.

Cronenberg is now making a rare appearance as an actor in the new thriller film, Disappearance at Clifton Hill.

David Cronenberg attends the premiere of 'Maps to the Stars' in 2014.

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David Cronenberg talks movies, sex, and aging

Cronenberg spoke with The Guardian ahead of the release of his new acting role. He was asked questions related to his films, which commonly feature bodily transformations, sexuality, and violence.

"To me, movies are sex," he said. "Movies were made for sex, there’s no question about it." 

On his own body's transformation - via aging - the Eastern Promises director had this to say:

"My weight’s never been better. I’ve been working out consistently for the last couple of years and I’ve learned that in fact you can gain muscle when you’re older. I’m quite happy with my body these days, despite the fact that it’s getting more wrinkly."

David Cronenberg and Jeff Goldblum during production of The Fly, 1986 horror film.

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David Cronenberg: New movies for the horror director?

Cronenberg still doesn't have plans in place to direct a new film. He's previously spoken about having difficulty getting his films financed.

The Canadian filmmaker is known for body horror classics like The Fly, VideodromeeXistenZ, and Dead Ringers. In more recent years, the director made crime dramas including A History of Violence and Eastern Promises, which both starred Viggo Mortensen.

His new starring role in Disappearance at Clifton Hill debuts on Friday, Feb. 28. It's an indie thriller by Canadian director Albert Shin.