• Daniela Ruah was hiking
  • THIS is what she wore on her trip
  • Fans can't get enough of her

Daniela Ruah has been one of the most desirable women on television for many years now. Since she is no longer in front of the camera for 'NCIS: L.A.', Daniela Ruah (39) enjoys taking some time off and going on trips to nature. She has always been a big hiking enthusiast and gets out there whenever she can!

This time she and her husband went to Idaho to hike in the forests there. Luckily for all of her fans, Daniela chose an XXS outfit that really shows off her curves. She may not be fighting crime on TV anymore, but she can still stop you dead in your tracks! 

It doesn't get any hotter than Daniela Ruah

She can be seen walking through the woods in a black bikini ensemble and black shoes. She looks every bit the action hero in this post. A ballcap and a crop top provided some sun protection. What has stood out the most to fans online are her abs. Her abdominals are about as tight as they can be, and that proves that she has not been slouching at all! 

Also interesting:

In the two pictures she's posing next to husband David and her dog Ice, and she pokes a little fun at herself in the captions, trying to keep it as modest as possible! 

"Hanging in nature with my nature bathing suit made from recycled plastic bottles and my nature hat that planted 10 trees when I purchased it, and my nature husband and nature dog… nature nature nature," she said. But perhaps she looks much better than the landscape.  "Absolutely a gorgeous Goddess," one comment read. "Nature is almost as beautiful as you," another said.

As far as her future goes, Daniela is currently working on the film 'Luso' about a Portuguese child, abducted by slave traders, who fights in the American Revolution to win his freedom, and the right to be with the woman he loves. You can look forward to seeing her again on screen in 2024.