• Leah Remini and Kevin James are a former TV couple
  • The King of Queens stars still get along well
  • This is proven in a new declaration of love

Leah Remini, 51, and Kevin James, 57, were side-by-side for nine years on The King of Queens. The Hollywood stars played the married couple "Carrie" and "Doug Heffernan" and also grew close off-screen during this time.

Now Leah made it clear to the public once again how close they are to this day.

The King of Queens star Leah Remini has a message for Kevin James

On April 26, Kevin James celebrated his 57th birthday, which did not go unnoticed by his former co-star. On Instagram, Leah Remini congratulated him with an old photo from the set, which shows them holding hands and Leah giggling with laughter.

The actress wrote: "Some people make you laugh a little louder, your smile a little brighter, and your life a little better. And for me, that is and will always be Kevin. Happy birthday Kevin, I love you like crazy!"

It's a beautiful declaration of love to her King of Queens co-star which will warm the hearts of sitcom fans. Under the post there are even calls for new episodes. "I would definitely be ALL IN for a reboot," commented one fan.

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Will Kevin James and Leah Remini do a new TV show?

Many fans also want Kevin James and Leah Remini to do a new project. But it was just a few years ago when Leah and Kevin tried another sitcom together. James reprized his lead role in 2016's Kevin Can Wait. Remini started out as a guest star but eventually joined the main cast as well.

However, due to low ratings, the series was canceled by CBS after the second season. If the two will take on another project together in the future is probably in the stars.

Kevin James recently released the sports comedy film Home Team and is touring the US with a stand-up show. Leah Remini, on the other hand, is primarily involved in raising awareness against Scientology. She left the sect in 2013 after more than 30 years of membership.

After Remini's exit, Kevin James stood by her side. She told People magazine in 2017 that he reached out and offered his full support, which meant so much to her.

It seems Kevin James and Leah Remini have developed a precious friendship where they are always there for each other.