• Nick Cannon has 12 kids
  • His brother can't remember their names
  • He has to use Google!

Nick Cannon's brother can't remember his nieces and nephews names

Gabriel Cannon, who stars on 'Claim to Fame', recently told 'EW' that he has to look up his brother's many children online to remember who is who.

"He messed up [naming] all his kids, so I'm not even gonna attempt," says Gabriel. "They're all on the internet. It's a good thing for a reminder," he continues.

Gabriel hasn't yet met all of his nieces and nephews, but he supports his brother Nick on his journey to build a large family. 

"We got a big family, we are building a tribe," he says. Gabriel and Nick have three other brothers as well. "It's a lot of us".

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Nick Cannon has a total of 12 children with six different women. Their names are Monroe, Moroccan, Golden, Powerful, Zion, Zillion, Zen, Legendary, Onyx, Rise, Beautiful, and Halo. We can see why it might be confusing for the rest of the family!