• Royals do things a bit differently than the rest of us
  • The British royals follow an odd rule about custody of children
  • It affects William and Kate, for example – here's how it works

Royal life brings with it some unusual customs. Prince William and Princess Kate, for example, do not have sole custody of their children.

The royals have three young kids, but by law they are not solely in their care. This tradition was introduced a few hundred years ago...

Explained: Why royals don't get sole custody of their kids

As royal expert Marlene Koenig explains, the custom was established in the 18th century by King George I. He decided that parents of royal minors do not get sole custody.

So who is sharing custody with Prince William and Princess Kate? It's King Charles. The monarch has custody of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Also interesting:

William and Kate therefore must check all authoritative decisions concerning their children with their grandfather.

But it doesn't seem to be as drastic as it sounds. The royal expert also says that it is no more than a formality these days...

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