• Steve Irwin was a famous Australian conservationist
  • He was known mostly for his love of reptiles
  • Steve Irwin and have begun a global legacy of nature conversation

The word "legend" is often overused, but it certainly applies to conservationist Steve Irwin. Known as "The Crocodile Hunter", the Australian became a television superstar, teaching millions all over the world about animals, and about how we can better coexist with nature!

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Steve Irwin Made The World Of Animals More Open To All Of Us!

In Memoriam "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin

Steve and his wife Terri, along with their loyal companion Sui, took us on exciting adventures to see the wildlife of Australia and other parts of the world. Paralyzed and surprised, that was how we were every time he put his hand through a hole to see if a venomous snake he was looking for was there.

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