Friday, Sept. 4, marked the 14th anniversary of Steve Irwin's tragic death.

The conservationist, TV star and family man was survived by two children and his wife Terri — whose love for Steve is unending. The 2020 anniversary of Steve's death fell on Friday, when Terri once more reflected on loss, memories, and love.

Terri Irwin's tribute for Steve on 14th anniversary of his death

Terri shared her message on her Twitter page, writing: "This is a particularly poignant moment in time for me. Today marks 14 years since I lost Steve, after 14 wonderful years of marriage. I feel that I have a choice: celebrate love or struggle with grief. I choose love."

Terri's post featured a touching throwback photo of her and Steve sharing a kiss with an iguana atop their heads. The married couple of 14 years had hosted The Crocodile Hunter together and, as a couple, were known worldwide as devoted wildlife experts and conservationists.

Bindi and Robert Irwin remember late dad Steve in 2020

Terri and Steve's newlywed daughter Bindi likewise shared a tribute to her late father on Sept. 5. "You're always in my heart," she wrote on Instagram, including a sweet throwback of the father-daughter duo at the beach.

Robert Irwin, the 16-year-old son of Terri and Steve, added a tribute to his late father on Sept. 6, which was also Australian Father's Day. "Thinking back to so many fond memories spent with our Dad," Robert wrote, "like riding through the zoo on his motorbike eating birthday cake. So many special times."

Steve would have celebrated his 58th birthday in February 2020. Today, his family carries on the work he championed and continues to star on TV's Crikey! It's the Irwins. Bindi, who was married in March 2020, revealed in August that she and husband Chandler Powell are expecting a child together.

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