Although he already had a long list of high-caliber projects, such as the film The 33 (2015) or the series El Cartel (2008), La Reina del Sur (2011), and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2015), actor Juan Pablo Raba became internationally famous thanks to his work as the handsome drug trafficker "Gustavo Gaviria" in Narcos.

Since then, all aspects of his life have become of interest to fans all over the world; one aspect stirring the most interest is the wonderful relationship he has with his second wife. Here is everything you need to know about Mónica Fonseca, Juan Pablo Raba's wife.

Mónica Fonseca, Juan Pablo Raba's Wife

Born in Miami on June 10, 1982, Mónica Fonseca Delgadillo became a popular journalist and television host who is known for her work on shows like Project Runway Latin America, #Empowered, and The Fabulist, which aired on E!

Monica Fonseca at the premiere of the series The Rook, in 2019.

The beautiful Columbian-American started her career as a presenter for the Bogota channel CityTV in 2001 then moved to radio hosting where she grew in popularity. 

After more than a decade of work, Fonseca had already become one of the biggest Colombian figures in the Latin scene! She works as an ambassador for the Juan Felipe Gómez Escobar Foundation and the United Nations Organization to spread environmental awareness.

Mónica has been an outspoken advocate for victims of domestic violence and is the spokesperson for countless big brands like Huggies, Apple, Pantene, L'Oreal, BlackBerry, and Listerine!

How did Mónica Fonseca and Juan Pablo Raba meet?

Back in 2010 Mónica Fonseca an Juan Pablo Raba's paths crossed almost by chance.

Juan Pablo Raba on the red carpet at the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2017.

"We had met but we did not exchange more than a few words and a greeting. Each of us was doing our own thing," She told Time in 2017. "7 years ago I read a tweet of his and I replied. Later we met in person and from then on we have been together. The best thing is that we haven't stopped sending each other messages, it has been an important part of this relationship."

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Fonseca and Raba married in August of 2011 in Miami, Florida, which was actually the second marriage for Juan. Since then they have had 2 gorgeous children, Joaquín and Josephine Joie. Mónica said "Being a mother has allowed me to get to know myself better, to react differently to life's challenges. Live and enjoy the simple things more."

She currently lives with her husband and two children and relishes in being a mother. 

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