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The world lost a beloved comedian, actor, singer, filmmaker, and humanitarian in 2017 with the passing of Jerry Lewis. He has been dubbed "The King of Comedy" and "The Total Filmmaker" after his extraordinary success! 

Jerry, or rather Joseph Levitch before he changed to his stage name, was born March 16, 1926, and got his start singing with the talented Dean Martin. The pair sang together at nightclubs and in films as comedy duo Martin & Lewis for 10 years, even making it on the radio program The Martin and Lewis Show, before they broke up in 1956! 

Jerry Lewis' Fantastic Career

After gaining success and fame from his time with Dean Martin, Jerry went on to perform as a solo artist along with starring in many films including the 1963 run away hit The Nutty Professor, which Lewis directed and produced! 

Other notable projects of Jerry's included 1966's Three on the Couch and guest appearances on shows like The Tonight Show and The Dick Cavett Show among many others! 

Jerry Lewis Would Have Been 96 This Year

In his later years, Jerry Lewis would make a musical theater play of The Nutty Professor, along with starring in 2016's Max Rose. Lewis's final appearance would be on an episode of Celebrities in Cars Getting Coffee, before passing away from heart failure in August of 2017 at the age of 91!

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Jerry Lewis left behind his second wife, actress Sandee Pitnick, and 7 children- 6 from his first marriage with singer Patti Palmer, and one adopted daughter! The beloved actor, singer, and comedian would have been 98 this year, but his legacy will live on forever!