• Steve Wilkos is a famous American man
  • He is known for many things, including wrestling
  • Learn more about his wife here

Steve Wilkos is the ultimate badass, he was in the United States Marine Corps, a police officer, and even a professional wrestler, but who is the woman he needs "to get through life"?

A Successful Jerry Springer Romance

After Steve served his country as a Marine and a Police officer, he landed a gig as security for The Jerry Springer Show where he met the Producer of the show, Rachelle Consiglio. Steve quickly became a favorite of Jerry's and even began hosting the show on Mondays for Jerry. 

Rachelle had worked on The Jerry Springer Show for 18 seasons, even becoming executive producer when she helped the show rise to the peak fame and success it achieved. 

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3rd Time's the Charm For The Steve Wilkos Show Host

Steve had 2 very short-lived marriages that both fell apart within a few years due to trust issues. Rachelle and Steve married in 2000 and later left the show together to create the incredibly successful The Steve Wilkos Show. 

TV personality Steve Wilkos and guests attend Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey on March 21, 2013 in New York City.

Steve says he owes a lot of the show's success to his other half "I would have made bad decisions without her. When I was younger, I was more hot-headed, and she has saved me in so many ways. She makes me see things in different ways."

The pair have two children, Ruby and Jack and together they have an estimated net worth of $7 Million.