• Vicky Lynn Swayze lived from 1949 to 1994
  • She was a performance artist and the sister of Patrick Swayze
  • This is Vicky Lynn's life story

Vicky Lynn Swayze is probably best known as the sister of the actors Patrick Swayze, Don Swayze, and Bambi Swayze. 

Vicky Lynn sadly died young in 1994, and her story isn't all that well known. But here's a look back at her life. 

Vicky Lynn was the eldest of Jesse Wayne and Patsy Swayze's five children. She was born in Houston, Texas, in 1949, followed by Patrick, Don, Sean, and adopted sister Bambi. 

What Vicky Lynn Swayze did for a living

While most of her siblings became stars in Hollywood, Vicky Lynn Swayze also enjoyed a successful career in the arts. 

Like her famous brother Patrick, Vicky Lynn was taught to dance by their dance teacher mother Patsy. And according to The LA Times, Vicky Lynn was "an accomplished performance artist in theatre and dance." 

Later in life, Vicky Lynn moved to California, and she lived in Van Nuys. But as Patrick Swayze told the Daily Mail, his sister had a life-long struggle with depression.

In his book The Time of My Life, Patrick Swayze stated that Vicky Lynn was eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder too.

Patrick Swayze wrote of his sister's struggles

Vicky Lynn was married twice and had kids, but, Patrick Swayze wrote: "When her demons kicked in, she'd disappear for long stretches of time.

"Like many families of bipolar people, we suffered through her terrible times and never knew what to expect when we saw her."

Also interesting:

After a while, it took a tragic turn. Vicky Lynn Swayze died by suicide on Dec. 2, 1994. She was only 45. 

Addiction and mental health problems ran in the Swayze family. The tragic death of Vicky Lynn was a wake-up call for her brother Patrick.

Patrick Swayze had alcohol struggles of his own, but he went to rehab after the devastating loss of his older sister.

Vicky Lynn Swayze was buried in Simi Valley, California. The epitaph on her gravestone reads: "She dances on the wind."

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