• Harrison Ford is an American cinematic icon
  • He is best known for roles like "Indiana Jones" and "Han Solo"
  • Harrison Ford has changed a lot over the years

But Harrison Ford has changed a lot over the years. We'll show you the extreme transformation of the "Indiana Jones" star here. Because the fact of the matter is, back in his heyday, Harrison Ford was quite a heartthrob. At the beginning of his career, this American icon looked very different than what younger fans might be used to...

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Harrison Ford Is The Ultimate Leading Man

American Actor Harrison Ford

With his brown curly hair and his mischievous smile, he was already turning many fans' heads even back when he was just getting started as an actor. But it wasn't always an easy road to stardom for the American legend. It took a while before Harrison could show the world his talent. The then 31-year-old actor landed his first major role in 1973 in George Lucas' film American Graffiti.

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