• Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied finalize divorce
  • Portman and Millepied were married for eleven years
  • The couple filed for divorce eight months ago

Hollywood was abuzz when Natalie Portman, the ageless beauty and silver screen icon, dropped the bombshell – she's back on the market, folks! After a hush-hush divorce filing back in July 2023, the star's reps gave the lowdown to 'People', confirming that Natalie and her once-dashing prince, Benjamin Millepied, have officially called it quits.

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Affair allegations dance around the divorce!

Whispers of Benjamin's extramarital two-step surfaced in May 2023, setting the gossip mills on fire. Could the 46-year-old heartthrob really have jeopardized their picture-perfect pas de deux? Natalie's recent solo appearances – sans wedding bling – only fanned the flames.

2024 Film Independent Spirit Awards - Creative Perspective

Spotted without her wedding ring at glitzy galas and even during her book club, where she mused over Nora Ephron's 'Heartburn,' Natalie seemed to hint at her own heartache. Instagram buzzed when she called the book a "classic transformation of pain into humorous art" – talk about art imitating life!

Despite the personal upheaval, both Natalie and Benjamin kept busy with A-list projects. He leapt into 'Dune: Part Two,' while she dazzled in 'May/December' and prepped for her upcoming roles. Talk about multitasking through the tears!

From 'Black Swan' to solo flight

Remember 2009? That's when the stars aligned on the 'Black Swan' set, leading to wedding bells in a dreamy Jewish ceremony in 2012. But even a fairytale move to Paris couldn't keep the love alive.

When 'Vanity Fair' pried into her private life, Natalie's response was pure class: "It’s terrible, and I have no desire to contribute." Mic drop!

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