• Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are very in love
  • The two recently got matching tattoos
  • Here's what they inked on themselves

J.Lo and Ben Affleck are at it again! The couple, who were the source of a few awkward moments at the Grammys, seem to have taken a big step on Valentine's Day, because their love is now getting under their skin too. On Instagram, the couple announced on the day of love that they had gotten matching tattoos!

The Bennifer is stronger than ever!

The news almost broke the internet! And fans were quick to celebrate what could be considered a major milestone in any relationship. The two proudly presented their designs on social media. Jennifer has chosen an infinity symbol with her and Ben's names inserted into it. But what did Ben get?

Also interesting:

The "Batman" actor, on the other hand, kept it simple with his tattoo. Ben isn't known for big and extravagant gestures. He simply had two arrows pierced with his and Jennifer's initials on them...

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